My Research in the News

My  pre-election take  at the Monkey Cage/Washington Post  (September 7, 2016) on the Russian intervention in the 2016 U.S. Election based on my academic research on partisan electoral  interventions

In the  Oxford University Press Blog  (May 18, 2017) on the effects of electoral interventions on  the intervened election results  (invited)


To NPR  (December 22, 2016) on partisan electoral interventions and my research on this topic

To Sueddeutsche Zeitung (February 23, 2017), Germany’s largest daily newspaper, on partisan electoral interventions and my research on this topic

To Republika  (March 31, 2017), a Macedonian weekly, on American Electoral interventions in the Balkans (note: I didn’t write, of course, the headline or the opening paragraph)

Consulted/Quoted Expert

The L.A. Times (December 21, 2016)  on partisan electoral interventions

Slate (January 4, 2017) on partisan electoral interventions

The New Daily (Australia) (January 19, 2017) on whether the United States intervened in the 1975 Australian election against the Gough Whitlam government

The Daily Beast (April 22, 2017) on the American intervention in the 1996 Russian Election

The Sri Lanka Express (April 30, 2017) on the American interventions in Sri Lankan elections

The Associated Press (May 5, 2017) on Obama’s Post-Presidential Endorsement of Macron  in the 2017 French Election

Also consulted in  2017 for news segments on partisan electoral intervention  at Univision, CNN, Channel 4 (UK), and ZDF (Ger.)


Research referenced during U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, January 5, 2017